In pursuing the company's vision and mission, MG Falconer Commodities Broker offers every investor, gold and commodity trader and fund manager a solid investment in gold bullion (995 fineness) with the uniqueness, integrity and strength of the DGCX products on its trading platform. In offering the standardized contracts of the exchange, we seek to carve value in delivering the financial services necessary to keep our stakeholders informed and satisfied with our support whether these be in the from of a timely price update, an objective view of a specific market condition or a elaborately crafted trading strategy.

Price Access

Through our customized trading platform system, traders, investors and fund managers are provided with access to a stream of steady and competitive rates, prices and spreads which are at par with the quotes in any major financial center anywhere in the globe. The availability of a timely price quotation at any given time on a mobile handset device or a laptop anywhere is a clear advantage for a active trader who seeks a window to take a position in the market or simply just to monitor the live status of his account.

Market Review

Currency exchange rates and prices of precious metals,
commodities and equities all over the world’s cash market and exchanges fluctuate according to the interacting forces of demand and supply and to a greater extent, shifts in fiscal and economic policy of governments and major economic planners. Our market research team collates these significant developments and regularly publishes an electronic update daily for your consumption.
We work to keep you updated.


Whether the investor’s objective is to preserve the value of his wealth, speculate from a price expectation or evaluate the profit and risk potential of a transaction in any derivative contract, our staff are trained by experienced and seasoned experts in their respective fields to collaborate with and share with you our appreciation of the future.
We are prepared to listen and examine what is needed to make our mutual objectives attainable. With you, we can draw a road map to financial success.


Today’s technological revolution has made people and distances closer while transactions between and among them incredibly faster. If you are an experienced business person with brokerage or CFD trading exposure or a registered company presently engaged in investor services or trading instruments and you have a specific interest to be a partner or explore a joint venture agreement with our activities, you are welcome.
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