The DGCX Spot Gold Contract provides for the bullion trading industry netting benefits on a single platform. Participants across the spectrum have better counter party risk management tools and this provides a platform to gold investors to derive another revenue stream for their investments.

  • Contract size of 32 troy ounces in line with industry standards.
  • USD denominated, regulated Gold spot contract on an established platform
  • Tick size of USD 0.10 per Troy Ounce
  • Option to take delivery or roll-over to the next day
  • Robust risk management controls including delivery limits and Span based margining
  • Participate in gold trade in one of the largest bullion trading hubs in the world
  • Transparent price discovery in gold in Dubai
  • Take out the basis risk from gold trading in Dubai
  • Accept reputable gold brands for delivery
  • Available on robust trading and clearing platform subscribing to global best practices and standards
  • Physical traders get automatically netted off against their physical exposure on DGCX